• Mgc26133


    - Sokka (age 16) and Katara (age 14) are standing at the edge of the dock. Their mother looks at them with slight worry. Then notices a ship approaching.

    - The entire tribe gets excited and prepares for the ship's arrival.

    - After the ship arrives, men of the tribe carry the fish to the village, while Sokka, Katara and their mother reunite with the father.

    - Walking back to the village, father tells about how hard it is to fish now because the Fire Nation leaves them less and less field to hunt each year. Mother makes a snarky remark about the Avatar and how he fails at his duties. Father tells her not to fill the kids' heads with tales of mumbo jumbo. Mother claims everyone loves a good tale. Kids run to join others.

    - That nig…

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  • TaylorManton1

    Hey guys, me again! Anyway, I hope no one minds, but I thought that maybe I could advertise my own fiction series on here. I have a wiki set up for it here, and the first two episodes, Pilot and The First Casualty have already been written.

    Each episode takes up 27-28 pages on Microsoft Word at size 12 on Times New Roman. That means that I put a lot of work into each episode, and I'm hoping that maybe you guys might want to read along to Wicca as well. I mean, if you're on here, then you must be a fan of the supernatural, right?

    There are seven Main Characters on Wicca, with many Reccurring Characters as well. I am not taking character submissions at the moment, but that may change. I'm basing the series in my hometown, so I'll be able to get som…

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  • Mgc26133

    season 4 fanfic

    January 30, 2014 by Mgc26133

    • Hailee Steinfeld as June Flemming

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    June Flemming is Elena's 13 years old cousin. Her father was Isobel's brother, and her mother was a psychic. Due to her father, she is the last living member of the Petrova line. And due to her mother, she is a psychic.

    After June lost her parents in an accident, she is delivered to Elena, who is her only living relative left. Due to her familiarity to the supernatural events, June quickly adapts her new life in Mystic Falls, and becomes close friends with Elena, Bonnie and especially Damon.

    Later it is revealed that her parents did not die in an accident but they were murdered by kitsunes, who want to end the Petrova line. When June finds out about this, she seeks revenge from the killers and joins th…

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