Cassie McCullough
Biographical information
  • Female
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Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • Shadow spell
  • April's talisman
Cause of death
  • Unknown (yet)
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  • TBA

Cassie McCullough is a witch and a close friend of April Young. "Cassie" is not her real name. She is actually a distant relative of Bonnie Bennett, and therefore a descendant of Qetsiyah. Her real name is never revealed.

Character HistoryEdit

Cassie was part of a Nebraska based coven and was living a simple life. However things took a drastic turn when Silas came after her, in need of another Bennett witch after Bonnie's passing. The coven did their best to stop him, but they were helpless. Cassie managed to survive by casting a shadow spell on herself which blocked out her magical trace, making whoever was helping Silas unable to track her anymore.

The following days April found her. Even though she wasn't sure at first, she eventually believed April's cause and agreed to go with her to Mystic Falls, where she can leave her old life behind and start anew. In exchange for her help, Cassie gave April a talisman, an enchanted golden medallion with distinct engravings, that would protect it's wearer from all types of mind control.

She generally refrains from casting powerful spells, as the magic's strength might outshine her shadow spell, making her traceable again to any witch that might be in search of her magic.

Season OneEdit


Trivia & NotesEdit

  • Cassie is the sole survivor of the Faction's Massacre.
  • Cassie's real name is never revealed.
  • McCullough is Bonnie's surname in The Vampire Diaries novels.