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  • Broken neck
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I can't worry about everything at once. That's tomorrow's problem.
— To Amy in The Outbreak

David is the leader of pure blood angels, and an ally to Mystic Falls Gang in their battle against the kitsunes. He was originally introduced as an antagonist, but then he revealed their motive, which led both half bloods and MFG to calling a truce with them.

Early LifeEdit

David, like other pure blood angels and those before them, was born of incest, through the mating of siblings and/or cousins. This small group has done this since the first angels in order to remain pure. Due to this, all members of pure bloods are either siblings or cousins.

David's father was the angel that killed Gary's mother, who chose a different path than the pure bloods and left the group to build a life with a normal human man. Because of this, Gary grew up hating pure bloods, and became enemies with David.

Season FourEdit


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