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Faye, also known as the Fire Witch, is the elemental witch responsible for all pyrogenous activity on Earth. Created along with the other 3 elemental witches long before the first humans, she has been controlling Earth's fire and preventing it from destroying the world.

Season 6Edit

Faye appeared after Irene, the River Witch, summoned her along with Sarah, the Air Witch, to break the spell Inari cast on Irene. But when it proved to be unbreakable, she helped and protected Irene.

She is shown to have an over-confident personality. Even though she, like Irene, did not want to hurt anyone, she still liked playing with her opponents.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a witch in nature, she possesses all powers and abilities of a regular witch. However, as an Elemental Witch, she possesses certain extra powers and abilities.

  • Immense magic: The magical power she possesses, like the other elementals, is equal to the combined strength of every single witch on the planet. Aside from that, she can muster an even bigger force, if channeled to her specific element, or other witches.
  • Immortality: Like other elemental witches, the fire witch is ageless.
  • Changing form: She can take a complete fire form or appear as a human. In fire form, she can choose to have physical foothold.
  • Shapeshifting: In fire form, she can take any shape.
  • Healing: She can heal all kinds of physical injuries.
  • Pyrokinesis: She can generate and control any type or amount of fire.
  • Immunity to fire: She cannot burn.
  • Elemental Curse: Unknown.


  • Human form: In human form, if unprepared, she possesses all human weaknesses. Although she can heal most of the wounds and injuries in mere seconds, this can prove quite deadly.
  • Water: As a pyrogenous being, excessive exposure to water would neutralize her fire based abilities.

Since their magical capacity are limitless, excessive use of magic or exhaustion are out of question.

Trivia & NotesEdit