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Welcome to my fanfiction wiki! You can use the wiki navigation or the wiki search to find the page(s) you are looking for. I hope you enjoy your time here. Please do not hesitate to contact me when you have a question about anything.

Following Colors In A Template Mean The Page Belongs To The Series Of:


  1. Character pages will only be created if the character has a significant contribution to the story.
  2. To avoid problems with content stealing, character pages will only include information from this fanfiction. For anything related to Season 3 and before, follow the links on pages that will lead to the page on the original wiki.
  3. Actor/Actress pages will not be created. The links on the pages will lead to the page on the original wiki.
    • Also since the casting of original characters is not real, the links for those actors will redirect to external sites, such as wikipedia, IMDB, etc.
  4. The content is worked on specifically to be original. Any similarity to actual shows, people or events is entirely coincidental. Intentional references will be mentioned under "Cultural References" section on each episode.
  5. If any real life person who is/are credited for something here would have any problem with it, please contact me and I will remove it.


My rules are simple:

  1. Respect the work that's done here. Doesn't mean you can't say anything bad, of course you are allowed to express your every kind of opinion. But attitude is important. Be constructive rather than destructive.
  2. Be nice to each other. Discussions in good faith are encouraged, but I'd be forced to take action against rabid ones.
  3. Feel free to contribute. Constructive criticism and positive contribution is always appreciated. But do not add unnecessary/irrelevant pages to the wiki or unnecessary/irrelevant content to the pages. There is no badges or leadership. So if you will edit just for that then don't. Edit to make the pages better.
  4. You may not create character or episode pages. They will be created by only me. However, if you have enough content to add to, you can create relationship, location, event, etc. pages. But please do not create pages that has content you can add to an already existing page. Improving the content of a page is always more appreciated than creating a new one.
  5. Do not Never change the story regarding to an episode, character, place, event, etc. However, if you can put the story in a better and more understandable way, then please do. But changing the storyline, the timeline, the events, etc. is not appreciated.
  6. Since these are not official works, there are no pictures to add on pages. However, if you make or have images that fits to the theme, you may add. But to prevent it from going out of control, adding images is limited to 5 images per article. If a page already has 5 images, please do not add more. Otherwise they will be deleted.
    • You may, however, leave a request along with the picture. If found better, the image will be replaced with an existing one.
  7. No one will be promoted to admin status, so do not spam forums and message walls with that request. They will simply be ignored.
  8. Please make sure you and others read and obey these rules.
I don't like blocking people because we all come here to have a good time and we all are the fans of the same awesome tv show. But incessantly breaking these rules and wikia's policies and terms of use despite my 2 warnings (you will be warned twice) will force me to do so.

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