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The 4th season consists of 22 episodes.

Slogan is Will They Survive This Time.

Season SummaryEdit

Season 4 starts right after the events of The Departed. Elena has hard times to adjust her new self, despite Stefan and Damon's huge efforts to help her. Caroline learns that Tyler is still alive, unaware that it's actually Klaus. They eventually decide to leave town, but when new people arrive to town, both will have reasons to stay. Bonnie starts losing herself into dark magic, and her friends start to fear what she is capable of. Finally when a new group of people arrives, the gang will be drawn into a battle that will determine the fate of everyone.

The series stars Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert, Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore, Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore, Candice Accola as Caroline Forbes, Kat Graham as Bonnie Bennett, Zach Roerig as Matt Donovan, and Michael Trevino as Klaus. Matt Davis, Joseph Morgan, and Steven R. McQueen are reduced to recurring cast, and Torrey DeVitto is upgraded to main cast as Meredith Fell. In addition, Hailee Steinfeld joins the main cast as June Flemming, Elena's cousin.


  • Chapter I: The Newborn Chapter: (Ep. 401 - 406) This chapter focuses on the struggles of a newly turned Elena who loses control. Her actions eventually ignites a fight that could be destructive for the whole town. Other vampires do their best to stop her, but the originals are determined to end this fight for good.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Elena and The Originals.
  • Chapter II: The Angels Chapter: (Ep. 407 - 412) This chapter focuses on the arrival of a group of new species, consists of Meredith and others like her. But with their arrival, they also bring an information that will force our gang to join a battle that has been continuing for decades.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are the pure blood angels.
  • Chapter III: The Kitsune Chapter: (Ep. 413 - 422) This chapter focuses on the return of pure blood Angels, and the impact of the information they bring with them. After the truth is revealed, pure bloods and half bloods join their forces to help Mystic Falls residents evade the greatest danger the town ever had.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are kitsune and phantoms.

Episodes ListEdit

Image Title Writer Episode
[[Image:|150px]] The Undead Writer: Mgc26133 #4x01
Soon after Elena comes back as a vampire, Stefan and Damon make a disturbing discovery. Caroline finds out that Tyler is still alive, unaware that he is actually Klaus. The darkness inside Bonnie grows and starts to take over her. As the remainders of the originals gather and decide to stay in Mystic Falls, Kol realizes that Rebekah failed to kill Elena. Finally Caroline helps Tyler to build himself a temporary home, and an accident in the Gilbert house quickly turns into violence.

[[Image:|150px]] Armed by Faith Writer: Mgc26133 #4x02
Elena pays a dangerous visit to the original's mansion, while Jeremy comes back from death and struggles to live. When all efforts fail to fix him, Jeremy starts a fight that takes place in his own mind. Caroline receives a call from Bonnie's father, but her visit takes a deadly turn when Bonnie loses control of her newfound powers. A heartbroken Caroline seeks consolation from Tyler, who doesn't take the news very well. As Jeremy begins losing his determination, Elena makes a violent confrontation with Rebekah. Finally Stefan and Damon make a shocking discovery, and worry about it's inevitable consequences.

[[Image:|150px]] Hell Hath No Fury Writer: Mgc26133 #4x03
After making a shocking discovery, Elijah and Kol decide to take revenge, but Damon convinces them to make a deal. Though not trusting them completely, he makes a different plan with Matt, Jeremy, and Caroline. Stefan tries to convince the new sheriff of Mystic Falls, Aiden Carson, that they aren't bad vampires, but sheriff's lack of interest in compromising gives him a hard time. Bonnie's dark magic takes a dangerous turn during Jamie's visit. Finally a brutal fight takes place in the forest that might endanger everyone's lives.

[[Image:|150px]] Farewell Writer: Mgc26133 #4x04
Upon finding out Elena's whereabouts from Damon, Stefan goes to see Elena, but he is amazed by her strength. While having flashes to her childhood with Jeremy, Elena finds herself reliving a terrible event. Tyler (Klaus) realizes his stay in Mystic Falls might endanger everyone's and ultimately his own safety, and decides to leave town. Damon and Jeremy enlist Bonnie's help to find Elena again, and they enlist Caroline's help. Finally Elena is forced to accept her new identity, and Caroline delivers some disturbing news to Stefan and Damon.

[[Image:|150px]] The Match Writer: Mgc26133 #4x05
Five months have passed, and Mystic Falls seems to have returned to normal. But would it stay that way? After Elena is introduced to her long lost cousin June Flemming, she comes to realize that June is a lot more than human. Damon's new offer to Stefan makes him reconsider his life, and Bonnie struggles to keep Tyler's situation from Caroline. As the new boy in town Antonio Wilder gets involved with Bonnie and Caroline, Matt's football game at night will turn out to be a turning point for everyone.

[[Image:|150px]] The Angel Writer: Mgc26133 #4x06
After June reveals what she is, she is immediately introduced to the gang. Upon finding out about other supernaturals out there, June starts to feel like home and befriends them. Damon tries to get a date from an unwilling Meredith, and Stefan expresses discomfort about his new goal. Caroline and Antonio decide to go to grill for the night, and they find themselves getting closer to each other. June convinces Elena to talk to Stefan if she wants him back. Finally, the night at Mystic Grill takes an unexpected turn, and Damon makes an interesting discovery.

[[Image:|150px]] Pure Spirits of the Forest Writer: Mgc26133 #4x07

[[Image:|150px]] Impending Danger Writer: Mgc26133 #4x08

[[Image:|150px]] A Reason for Revenge Writer: Mgc26133 #4x09

[[Image:|150px]] Darkness Falls Writer: Mgc26133 #4x10

[[Image:|150px]] Awaiting the Dusk Writer: Mgc26133 #4x11

[[Image:|150px]] Return of the Pure Bloods Writer: Mgc26133 #4x12

[[Image:|150px]] A Person to Trust Writer: Mgc26133 #4x13

[[Image:|150px]] Prom Writer: Mgc26133 #4x14

[[Image:|150px]] The Outbreak Writer: Mgc26133 #4x15

[[Image:|150px]] The Place Without Peace Writer: Mgc26133 #4x16

[[Image:|150px]] Spirits Awakened Writer: Mgc26133 #4x17

[[Image:|150px]] Treason Writer: Mgc26133 #4x18

[[Image:|150px]] Bringing the Rain Writer: Mgc26133 #4x19

[[Image:|150px]] The Graduation Writer: Mgc26133 #4x20

[[Image:|150px]] The Phantom Menace Writer: Mgc26133 #4x21

[[Image:|150px]] [[Misao]] Writer: Mgc26133 #4x22


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Trivia & NotesEdit

  • The love story will be put in the background, and there will be more focus on the action.
  • This is the only season Nina Dobrev plays only 1 character.
  • Klaus will not turn back to his own body any time soon. That is why Michael Trevino is cast as Klaus.
  • Episode 3 Hell Hath No Fury marks the last appearance of the originals except Klaus.
  • After episode 4, there is a time jump of a couple of months. Episode 5 starts one month before the graduation.
  • Episode 5 The Match is the first episode to feature June Flemming.
  • The half-blood angels team would originally consist of 15 people. But due to the difficulties of writing, the number is reduced to 9. Written out angels are Valerie, Emma, Marco, Dean, Kacey, and Mindy.
  • Misao is the 5th character who has an episode named after them.
  • Episode 22 Misao is the first episode not to feature Elena Gilbert.

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