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The 6th season consists of 22 episodes

Slogan is Our fate is in their hands.

Season SummaryEdit

Hard times in Mystic Falls. After Elena is successfully brought back from the Dark Dimension, the gang unsuccessfully tries to recover her memories. As Caroline struggles with losing Tyler to her mortal enemy; Bonnie is strained with everyone because of the mistakes she's done in the past; and Stefan, Damon, June and Jeremy are trying to build a new and better life for Elena, no one will manage to realize the trouble before it finds them again. After their greatest enemy Inari arrives to Mystic Falls, determined to sacrifice Elena in a ritual in order to provide herself unlimited power on both dimensions, the gang will try to do everything in their power to stop her. But will that be enough? Will they be able to stop her, or will the end of the world come?

The final season of The Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce/Tatia, Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore, Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore, Kat Graham as Bonnie Bennett, Candice Accola as Caroline Forbes, Hailee Steinfeld as June Flemming, and Ryoko Kuninaka as Misao. Zach Roerig returns to main cast as Matt Donovan, and Tamlyn Tomita joins the main cast as Inari. Klaus (played by Joseph Morgan), Meredith and Christian Fell (played by Torrey DeVitto and Rick Malambri), Tyler Lockwood (played by Michael Trevino), Jeremy Gilbert (played by Steven R. McQueen), and Samara (played by Naya Rivera) will continue as recurring characters.


  • Chapter I: The Inari's Strike Chapter: (Ep. 501 - 506) This chapter focuses on Inari's arrival to Mystic Falls and her efforts to take the doppelganger back in her possession. The gang fights her back, but the fight results with unwanted casualties, that draws the attention of some people from out of town. Meanwhile in Dark Dimension, Misao strives to keep the alliance going, but the arrival of an unexpected visitor will put them on their first big test.
    • The main antagonist of this chapter is Inari.
  • Chapter II: The Malach Chapter: (Ep. 507 - 514) This chapter focuses on Caroline's growing and strengthening dark side, while her friends try to figure out what is happening to her. Eventually the gang is forced to take extreme and radical measures against her, much to everyone's dismay. Meanwhile in Dark Dimension, Klaus shows his real face to everyone, and puts a plan in motion to ensure his returning to Mystic Falls.
    • The main antagonists of this chapter are Klaus, Inari, and Caroline.
  • Chapter III: The Elementals Chapter: (Ep. 515 - 522) This chapter focuses on the aftermath of everything, while both sides prepare for the final showdown that fate of both universes depend on. Inari leaves the gang with a new and powerful threat to deal with, and Bonnie goes through a big change in her life. Back in Dark Dimension, after losing Klaus to Mystic Falls, Misao seeks new allies for her war against Inari, but her unpreparedness costs her a big loss.
    • The main antagonist of this chapter is Inari.

Episodes ListEdit

Image Title Writer Episode
[[Image:|150px]] Letting Go Writer: Mgc26133 #6x01
When taking care of Elena gets harder, June turns to Damon for help. Bonnie is forced to make a life changing decision, and Caroline tries to be there for her. Chris finally wakes up, but he gets upset when he receives unhappy news. During his visit to sheriff Forbes, Stefan meets Raven, a girl with a compelling beauty. Tyler and Katherine grow closer to each other and eventually give in to their passion. Finally, Inari makes a wild appearance.

[[Image:|150px]] Stolen Moments Writer: Mgc26133 #6x02
Recent revelations force Damon to make an emotional confrontation with June. Stefan discovers that Inari is in town, but has hard time convincing others. Upon Tatia's request, Misao tries to use her connection with Bonnie in order to contact her and warn her and others about Inari, but has a hard time in doing so because Bonnie is grown stronger and shut all her ways to Misao. Meanwhile Bonnie's father finds out more about the supernatural world. Recent changes with Elena cause a difference of opinions in the house. Finally, the gang makes their first confrontation with Inari.

[[Image:|150px]] Who Am I Writer: Mgc26133 #6x03
In her new state, Elena doesn't know who she can trust, despite Jeremy's efforts to remind her of her family. After Inari gets too close to her goal, Bonnie makes a plan with Tyler to fight her off. Caroline expresses no interest in seeing Elena anytime soon, but her friends do not appreciate it. After finding out from Damon about Raven's loss, Sheriff Forbes orders detaining certain people, which causes chaos among the residents. Finally Inari sets a dangerous plan in motion after finding out what the gang is up to, and Elena insists on something everyone thinks is dangerous.

[[Image:|150px]] Merchants of Death Writer: Mgc26133 #6x04
After Inari makes her strike, the outcome becomes very deadly for Katherine. Upon finding out about what happened, June wants to help her, but Damon and Bonnie's lack of interest pushes her to a corner. While trying to adapt her new situation, Elena feels closer to Katherine, and they share an unexpected heart to heart. When hallucinations start creeping in, Katherine is forced to face a very heartbreaking memory of her life. Finally, Inari makes a dangerous discovery that will change everything.

[[Image:|150px]] Game Over Writer: Mgc26133 #6x05
After Liz, Damon and June come up with a plan to save Elena, Elena realizes she has to pay a terrible price for her freedom. Stefan talks to Jeremy about the recent events after he revealed he was fired from Grill. Bonnie and Caroline try to locate Inari to figure out her next move, but they find themselves in a life and death situation. Inari's attack to the Gilbert house comes with a devastating loss. Finally, Elena is offered a disturbing deal, which might also be the only thing that could save her friend's life.

[[Image:|150px]] The Fight that Never Ends Writer: Mgc26133 #6x06

[[Image:|150px]] When a Friend Calls Writer: Mgc26133 #6x07

[[Image:|150px]] Ebb and Flow Writer: Mgc26133 #6x08

[[Image:|150px]] Through the Looking Glass Writer: Mgc26133 #6x09

[[Image:|150px]] The Point of No Return Writer: Mgc26133 #6x10

[[Image:|150px]] The Epidemic (Part 1) Writer: Mgc26133 #6x11

[[Image:|150px]] The Epidemic (Part 2) Writer: Mgc26133 #6x12

[[Image:|150px]] Only Human Writer: Mgc26133 #6x13

[[Image:|150px]] Back Writer: Mgc26133 #6x14

[[Image:|150px]] One of Us Writer: Mgc26133 #6x15

[[Image:|150px]] Out of the Blue Writer: Mgc26133 #6x16

[[Image:|150px]] Elemental Crisis Writer: Mgc26133 #6x17

[[Image:|150px]] Battle of Mystic Falls Writer: Mgc26133 #6x18

[[Image:|150px]] The Curse Writer: Mgc26133 #6x19

[[Image:|150px]] Bringing Down the House Writer: Mgc26133 #6x20

[[Image:|150px]] Heed Our Warning Writer: Mgc26133 #6x21

[[Image:|150px]] The Final Conversation Writer: Mgc26133 #6x22


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Trivia & NotesEdit

  • Season 6 takes place after the summer of 2011, following the events of Season 5.
    • IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that this fiction does not continue the actual Season 5. For more information, check the bold text at the beginning of the page.
  • This is the final season of The Vampire Diaries.
  • Klaus, Jeremy Gilbert, Meredith and Christian Fell, Tyler Lockwood, and Samara will continue the story as recurring characters.
  • Episode 1 would originally be named Raven.
  • Episode 5 marks the first appearance of Matt Donovan in this season. He was last seen in the season 4 finale Misao.

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