Stefan's Diaries is a spin-off series, following the events of The Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale Graduation. It focuses on Stefan's life after being saved from the safe Silas locked him in and buried under water. Created and written by Mgc26133, the series completely ignores everything that's happened after The Graduation (including the spin off The Originals), and follows it's own storyline.

There will be six seasons of Stefan's Diaries in total.

Any similarity to actual shows is entirely coincidental.


Main CharactersEdit

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  • Despite sharing the same name, the series is not based on the Stefan's Diaries novel series.
  • The series takes 12 years after the episode Graduation. Due to this, certain characters to appear from The Vampire Diaries will be recast.
  • For the role of April Young, actresses with combat and firearm experiences were searched. Summer Glau, Lyndsy Fonseca and Alexandra Daddario were the top three choices.
  • Every season the story will start from Mystic Falls, and go to a different location. Aside from Mystic Falls, locations include but not limited to:
Season One: Davenport, Iowa - Mersin, Turkey
Season Two: ...
Season Three: ...
Season Four: ...
Season Five: ...
Season Six: ...
  • Katherine Delaney is the only non-main character who appears in every season. She is also upgraded to main cast in Season Six.

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