Post Season 3
Season 4, Episode 6
Written by Mgc26133
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The Match
Pure Spirits of the Forest

The Angel is the sixth episode in Season 4 and 72nd overall.


After June reveals what she is, she is immediately introduced to the gang. Upon finding out about other supernaturals out there, June starts to feel like home and befriends them. Damon tries to get a date from an unwilling Meredith, and Stefan expresses discomfort about his new goal. Caroline and Antonio decide to go to grill for the night, and they find themselves getting closer to each other. June convinces Elena to talk to Stefan if she wants him back. Finally, the night at Mystic Grill takes an unexpected turn, and Damon makes an interesting discovery.



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  • There are two new species introduced in this episode: Psychic and Angel.

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