Thomas Brook
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I lived long enough in Mystic Falls to know nothing is random here.
— to April in Extinct

Thomas Brook is a main character on Stefan Diaries. He's a human, and younger brother of Anita Arnett, son of the Sheriff Randall Brook, and the love interest of April Young. He works at April's agency as an assistant. Although April doesn't want him to get involved with her work finding it too dangerous, most of the times he finds a way to involve himself.

Thomas is a member of the Brook Family.

Character HistoryEdit

Thomas is coming from a found family, therefore he is a future member of the Founder's Council, which is now called The Secret Council. Ever since high school, Thomas had an unreciprocated crush on April. After their graduation, April started her agency, hoping it will help her agenda. Soon afterwards Thomas started to work with her.

Given his knowledge about vampires, Thomas is revealed to be aware of the supernatural world.

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