Earth Witch
The image is symbolical. It is not the actress who will play the role.
Biographical information
  • Unknown
Turned by
  • Nature
  • Female
The earth witch was supposed to live within the earth, and watch out for it. Protect the habitat. But she was never meant to be a part of it. When humans arrived, the earth witch fell in love with one, and created an offspring. The nature was not pleased, so it took her powers away, left her mortal and weak. But she still had hints of her powers. She could cast spells, and connect to earth, take power from it, give life to plants, rule the animals. She passed that on to her children, and her children passed that on to their own children. In time they spread. The Earth Witch does not exist anymore, but her children does. Every witch on this planet, is essentially an earth witch.
Graham White, about the origin of witches

Unnamed Earth Witch was the elemental witch responsible from the habitat of Earth, and entrusted with the maintaining of it's natural balance. Like other elemental witches, she too was ageless. But when she had a child, her immortality was taken away. She lived the rest of her days among men as a mortal being, and eventually died of old age.

Origin of the WitchesEdit

Although her duty required her to remain on earth, she was never meant to be a part of the life that it presented to mankind. But in the early years of men, the Earth Witch mated with an unknown male, and thus created the first line of witches. The stained bloodline has lesser of the earth witch's talents, and the power of the earth witch was significantly reduced due to sharing her magic with her offspring.

What does this mean?Edit

Basically all witch magic on earth forms a big magical pool. Together, it's equal to the power of the Earth Witch. So technically all witches are connected to each other and take their powers from the same pool of magic. This would mean that when a new witch is born, it's magic comes from the witches and witch spirits from all around the world, making the reduction of magical power of the existing witches ignorably insignificant. It is like taking 1 glass of water from an olympic pool.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Prior to being condemned to a mortal life as a regular witch, the earth witch possessed certain extra powers and abilities that comes with being an elemental witch.

  • Immense magic: The magical power she possessed, like the other elementals, was equal to the combined strength of every single witch on the planet. Aside from that, she could muster an even bigger force, if channeled to her specific element, or other witches.
  • Immortality: Like other elemental witches, the earth witch was ageless.
  • Changing form: She was able to appear like or dissolve within the earth, which allowed her to see and hear everything and travel with ansible speed.
  • Shapeshifting: In earth form, she can take any shape.
  • Healing: She can heal all kinds of physical injuries.
  • Geokinesis: She used to have complete and absolute control on any type or amount of earth.
  • Invulnerability: In earth form, she was invulnerable.
  • Elemental Curse: Unknown.


  • Human form: In human form, if unprepared, she possessed all human weaknesses. Although she could heal most of the wounds and injuries in mere seconds, this could prove quite deadly.

Trivia & NotesEdit

  • The earth witch is the only witch who had an offspring, which is the reason she lost her powers and became mortal.
  • Witches of Earth today are her descendants.