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Zander is a citizen of Mystic Falls who lives a simple life. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he gets involved with the Gilbert House explosion event where he saved Bonnie's life.

Early LifeEdit


Season SixEdit

Zander makes his first appearance in Game Over. He arrives as Bonnie's unexpected savior, and manages to save her from an absolute death in the nick of time.

Later he appears in Ebb and Flow, when Bonnie sets out to find him upon Sheriff Forbes' encouragement. The two hit it off and Bonnie offers him a cup of coffee as a thank you for saving her life. Later Bonnie asks if they can meet again, but Zander kindly refuses, revealing that he already has a girlfriend and they are in a long distance relationship. They separate on good terms after he offers her his friendship and she accepts.


Trivia & NotesEdit

  • Unlike his novel counterpart, Zander (as far as the plot is concerned) is not a werewolf nor possesses any supernatural traits.